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We live in an unprecedented time...Right?

Reading and watching the news right now can be a bit of a bummer. Everything feels in flux, chaotic, and scary. If you're like me, you just want all of this to end ​and for life to get "back to normal."

It's true, nothing like this has ever happened in OUR lifetimes. But life difficulties and hard times do not discriminate, they happen to everyone. Throughout history there have been countless times that humans have felt alone, helpless, and in need. 

This has also been the story of the people of God. On March 16th, 597 BC, Jerusalem was captured by the Babylonians and the Jews were exiled out of their home country to Babylon. Babylon was a place that had a different culture, spoke a different language, and worshiped different gods than the Jews.

They had three options during this time:

  1. They could become just like the Babylonians and turn their back on the One True God

  2. They could rebel and lead violent revolts against the Babylonian government

  3. They could choose to follow God where they were, living peacefully with others while giving YHWH their ultimate loyalty

Some chose option 1. Others chose option 2. But the prophets urged the people of God to choose option 3. Those people went on to actually grow in their faith during a time of chaos and confusion. One of the ways they did this was using a book of prayers that we know today as the Book of Psalms. Psalms were not just songs and poems, though many of them were, but these were the prayers of God's people. These are what they prayed when they were going through devastating circumstances. 

These next few weeks, the Hope Center Youth Ministries team will be using this blog to post our daily reflections on the book of Psalms. We invite you to read along with us as we earnestly pray for God's power and presence to be revealed to us and our world. Every day there will be a Psalm to read, some thoughts on the passage, a worship song to listen to, and a challenge for you to put into action. 

Our circumstances may be unusual, but they aren't unprecedented. Let's follow the example of our ancestors in the faith and cling to the only One who can bring restoration. 

- Tim Loux


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